The Sombrero (TM) dune buggy bikini style top. It is made with Cabrio convertible top material. It is offered in 10 colors, Black, White, Oxford White, Dk. Blue, Midnight Blue, Beige, Grey Beige, Dk. Grey, Saddle and Tan.

The tops are designed to be used with the standard Manx type windshield with the groove facing to the front of the buggy as well as the Manx type roll bar. This roll bar will have 4 bends and will be a single hoop. The two lower bends are about 5 degrees at the belt line of the buggy and 85 degrees at the top. This top will work on a two bend roll bar but you will have a slight wave. Some have used the top on buggies with cages as long as the measurements work and the cage does not interfere with the flow of the top.

We have two sizes available; 39” and 41”. You will need to specify size.

To do this you will need to hook a tape measure to the windshield frame at the center of the buggy and draw it back over the roll bar. Look at the center of the tube and that’s your measurement. Some may need to adjust their roll bar for the top to work.

The top will come with snaps and D-rings. You will have to provide the 10-24 nuts and bolts for the D-rings as there are too many variables from buggy to buggy.

The “Sombrero” dune buggy bikini top is designed, copywrited and trademarked by Tijuana Kustoms, Inc. Each top is computer cut to ensure quality and fit.



Bikini Tops

Sombrero Bikini Top
Sombrero Bikini Top
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