Tijuana Kustoms

Why TjKustoms?

Back in the day, Southern Californians would take their cars to be upholstered in Mexico. Just over the border, there was a little town called Tijuana which was known by rodders for it’s streets of upholstery and other automotive shops as well as its night life. While the shops worked on their rides, the guys would party over the weekend in Tijuana.
In celebration of that tradition,

Tj Kustoms was born.

One’s pride is shown through the passion of creating another’s dream into a reality. You can put your trust in one who goes above and beyond to achieve only true excellence. Tom’s artistic abilities coupled with an elaborate imagination has guided his creations to many winner’s circles.


Inside Tj Kustoms

Tom Thompson Winner's Circle
Tj Kustoms Auto Upholstery

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