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Don’t be fooled by other tops using boat topping. Boat toppings are not designed for speed and is susceptible to stretching and sagging. 

The Sombrero (TM) dune buggy bikini style top. It is made with Cabrio convertible top material. It is offered in 4 colors, Black, White, Dk. Blue, Tan. other colors are available depending on supplies avalability.

The tops are designed to be used with the standard Manx type windshield with the groove facing to the front of the buggy as well as the Manx type roll bar. This roll bar will have 4 bends and will be a single hoop. The two lower bends are about 5 degrees at the belt line of the buggy and 85 degrees at the top. This top will work on a two bend roll bar but you will have a slight wave. Some have used the top on buggies with cages as long as the measurements work and the cage does not interfere with the flow of the top.

 We have two sizes available; 39” and 41”. You will need to specify size.

To do this you will need to hook a tape measure to the windshield frame at the center of the buggy and draw it back over the roll bar. Look at the center of the tube and that’s your measurement. Some may need to adjust their roll bar for the top to work.

The top will come with snaps and D-rings. You will have to provide the 10-24 nuts and bolts for the D-rings as there are too many variables from buggy to buggy.

Please note: These tops are made to order. Please make sure your buggy meets specifications as we do not take returns. Measurements are the soul responsibility of the customer.

These tops have a 5 year prorated warranty on manufactures defects.

The “Sombrero” dune buggy bikini top is Designed, copywrited and trademarked by Tj Kustoms..It is manufactured exclusively for Tj Kustoms. Each top is computer cut to insure quality and fit.

Installation instructions:

The windshield has a groove that should be facing the front of the buggy. There is an extrusion on the front of the top. It fits in to the groove. You will need two 10.24 screws,nuts and washers from any hardware store that matches the thickness of the fiberglass at the upper corners of the rear seat. (There are too many variables to supply that particular part.) these screws hold the D-rings provided. Drill and install D-rings first then fit the top to windshield. Attach rear straps to D-rings then snug up. Make sure top shifts in to place to smothe out the top. (This is best done in the sun on a warm day or a heated garage.) mark location of snaps on windshield. Drill and tap using an 1/8” drill bit and tap slowly going back and forth using a fresh #8 sheet metal screw for each side being held with vice grips. DO NOT USE SNAP STUDS TO TAP HOLES! After taping install studs.

Trim straps leaving enough to maintain a little extra and melt the ends with a lighter to prevent fraying. 

please contact me via or (516) 650-6151 Tom



Molded carpet made for the shortened VW chassis used for Dune buggies and kit cars.

The carpets are year specific and should have original type VW floor pans. They will work with flat floors but will gather behind seats.

Every carpet comes with a color matching heal pad and padding in the floor area.

We offer carpets for shortened chassis from 1956 to 1972. We also offer long carpets for non-shortened chassis from 1965 to 1972. We can accommodate 1973 and newer if you have the old style pans.

To determine your year, you will need the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) from the chassis only. This number is located behind the E- brake just in front of the shift rod port. See photo. Please do not use your title or registration as we have found a lot of these numbers do not match.

VW chassis year ID chart.

YEAR = VIN                       YEAR = VIN                         YEAR = VIN                                YEAR = VIN

1954 = 574415              1960 = 2526668                 1966 = 116000001                  1972 = 1122000001

1955 = 781884              1961 = 3192507                 1967 = 117000001                  1973 = 1132212118

1956 = 929746              1962 = 4010995                 1968 = 118100001                  1974 = 1142000001

1957 = 1394119            1963 = 4846836                 1969 = 119000001                  1975 = 1152000001

1958 = 1600440            1964 = 5677119                1970 = 1102000001                 1976 = 1162000001

1959 = 1774681            1965 = 115000001            1971 = 1112000001                 1977 = 1172000001 

These carpets are OE quality. We have 70 plus colors to choose from.  Please see link below for samples. Loop or Cut Pile only.

Please see “Cut pile” samples on this link.

The carpets where designed to mount under the body but will work above the flang with a little creativity.

Our carpets have been designed by Tom Thompson (Tj Kustoms).  They are made exclusively for us by Auto Custom Carpets; the leading aftermarket carpet manufacturer in this country.

Carpets are made to order and will ship within 24 hours of order placement.

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